Is coffee good for me?

Coffee is a gift in life for many of us, but on the internet there has been a stream of articles suggesting that coffee is inherently bad or good for you. Today, we are not going to try to sway you one way or the other, but simply provide what both sides are saying so that you can weigh the information for yourself.

The “good”

The reason why we read and hear that coffee is “good” for us is because it is associated with increased mood, faster neuronal activity/alertness and increased physical endurance. All of this is great right? We think so too.

The “bad”

Coffee is often considered “bad” because it is associated with sleep deprivation, headaches, increased risk of dehydration and anxiety. In addition to this, caffeine (that good stuff in coffee!) is associated with increased menstrual cramping.

What do we think?

Here’s the thing, there are trade-offs for either side and we believe you should be able to indulge in the things that you like as long as they are not severely damaging to your health. Additionally, you should always consider your body and how it reacts to caffeine. For example, coffee is probably best avoided when you are menstruating and if you struggle with anxiety, sleep disorders, or liver disease. Also, if you drink coffee pretty regularly, but always have trouble sleeping, then maybe consider cutting back to see if there is a change in your sleep habits. The half-life, or time it takes for half of the caffeine to be eliminated, is generally around 5-6 hours so having it earlier in the day might also be a good idea. For those that can’t imagine giving up coffee (we feel you on this, fellow coffee lover!) try switching to green or black tea, which generally don’t have as much caffeine.


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Photo Credit: Kuba Bożanowski

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