10 Reasons for OleaBox

  1. OleaBox products are safe. We provide options for tampons and pads that are made with organic and natural ingredients. They are non-toxic, fragrance free, and come in a selection of organic cotton and natural, chlorine free brands.
  2. OleaBox tampons, pads and our packaging are eco-friendly. We take pride in the fact that our products make a small eco-footprint and so can you!
  3. OleaBox products are suited to your specific needs. The ordering process includes a brief questionnaire about your specific menstrual needs and preferences ensuring that you will be comfortable and happy with your box every month.
  4. Your comfort and convenience are top priorities. Your OleaBox will be delivered to you every month so that you can save a trip to the drugstore.
  5. Did we mention that you don’t need to go the drugstore for chocolate or candy anymore either? Each OleaBox comes with a tasty organic chocolate treat for you to indulge in every month.
  6. When it comes to your period, we know that timing is everything. For this reason, we schedule your box to arrive at least 3 days before your period begins.
  7. At OleaBox you are supported. If you have any questions about your box you may e-mail us at info@oleabox.com and we will promptly respond.
  8. OleaBox keeps you up to date with health, wellness and new product information. Connect with us on Facebook and check out our Twitter!
  9. OleaBox values quality, which is why we partner with high quality organic and natural brands, many based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  10. Right now, a monthly subscription starts at just $14 plus s+h. This includes 20 pads, tampons or both as well as organic chocolates or candy and other surprise goodies!

Ready to start your subscription? Head over to http://oleabox.com/ to give us your e-mail and we’ll get you started!

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